I have lived my whole life in Raleigh and the past 33 years in Southern Pines. I have a Business Management/Economics degree from North Carolina State University. I have been CEO of three of North Carolina’s largest Corporations, and was president of the State’s largest Homeowner Association. I’ve built 2,000+ homes and developed over 3,000 acres of land. In all of my projects I had the support of property owners in and AROUND all of my projects, because all of my capital improvements had merit and improved surrounding property values. I also won the Parade of Homes, every time I entered the contest. Today I own and operate 3 Radio Stations (Radio has always been one of my passions), Talk 97.3FM, Talk 104.1FM and Talk 990AM WEEB.

Best for the Job

Let me say from the outset, my opponent in this race for Commissioner, is a good man and has lived an honorable life as a lobbyist. However, I know that I am much more qualified to do the job of Commissioner. My background and skill sets have prepared me for this job. I graduated in Business Management/Economics, while my opponent graduated in History. I know how to deal with the stress of budgeting and producing results. My opponent has worked for government boards, and as a lobbyist. So which do you prefer, me with my extensive management background, or a history major/lobbyist.


The Job of Commissioner

The job of Commissioner consists of budgeting and implementing the affairs of the County, by administering the Board’s directives. The Board also develops ordinances as needed and decides on Zoning request. It also determines the direction for future growth of the County and manages the water and sewer needs for the future. The board also determines the monetary needs of the County and sets the tax rates to meet those needs.


The Commissioners determine all County Zoning matters. In my career I have been the recipient of many good and bad zoning decisions. Whatever the decision, it will affect the land being judged and the surrounding property for many years to come. I’ve seen commissioners and councilpersons who only look at zoning packages in the application process and base their decisions solely on the packages. I will always go to the property and look it over, but just as importantly I will look at the surrounding property. Then I ask myself if the zoning has merit, how will it affect the surrounding property, does it spoil or support the feeling of the area around it, and do you think the zoning will yield a successful project. There is nothing worse than a failed project. It has a negative effect on the area for years to come. It is economic fact, if a County stops growing, it will suffer greatly economically. Smart controlled growth helps keep the county healthy and vibrant.

How to Save Millions of Dollars

About 10 years ago Moore County needed a new jail. When the bids came in, they were around $45 million dollars, way too high for the Board to consider. So they did what I suggested, hire our own superintendent and build the jail ourselves. With a few incentives built in, the Jail was finished ahead of schedule, cost $22 million ($23 million in savings) and the superintendent received a bonus for being on time and under budget. This is the kind of forward thinking that can save the county millions. We just spent $100 million on 3 new schools. If we had build the schools ourselves, we would have saved the County $20 million dollars. The savings would have been enough to build another school. We need to stop always doing it the same old way, and start being smarter with our spending and the taxpayer’s money. The last thing the Commissioners need is another “yes” man. They need me, the man that will hear the voters after the election. I promise that I will not fail you.

I need your help to win

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